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   Nov 07

Anthracnose on zucchinis and cucumber

Mid spring and my garden is already plagued with fungus. I think it might be anthracnose.
It’s gotten hold of my zucchini and cucumber, even after preventative weekly copper sprays.

Today I have tried to spray with milk after pruning all diseased leaves.

you cucumber with anthracnoseBaby cucumber plant with fungus - anthracnose or blight?


baby cucumber pant with brown spots

another young diseased cucumber diva – so young and so sick.

diseased zucchini leaf with brown spots - anthracnose?

an old zucchini leaf – diseased with brown spots

zucchini after pruning diseased leaves

zucchini plants after pruning off all diseased leaves and spaying with milk. They look very naked now and probably need to spend most of their energy regrowing new leaves, rather then producing flowers and more fruit.

boysen berry leaf with anthracnose or blight

Even my boysen berries have the fungus disease now.

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