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   Nov 04

Baking soda and neem oil as organic fungicide

Is fungus and powdery mildew taking over your garden?
Want to keep the garden organic and avoid toxic chemical fungicides?

If I get problems with fungus my first line of defence is a spray of baking soda mixed with neem oil and water.
Sometimes I also add a few drops of Dr Bronner Mint soap, if pests are about to take over.

On plants that are highly suspectable to fungus and powdery mildew, such as cucumbers, squash and tomato it’s a good idea to apply the spray weekly as preventative.


Home made organic anti fungus spray and anti pest spray for vegetables and ornamentals


- 1 gallon water
- 10ml neem oil
- 10ml soap ( castille soap)
- 1-2t tsp baking soda

howto apply:

Remove infected leaves first and throw away (best into rubbish and off property ) then
spray top and underside of remaining healthy leaves. Reapply after rain or every 7 – 10 days.

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