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   Oct 30

Bird scare – protect your berries and fruit

Are cheeky Birds eating up all your strawberries and blueberries?

How can you protect them without using birdnetting?

While bird netting provides the best protection, it’s not always the best solution.
First of all it’s difficult to install in some gardens and can also be expensive.
Also birds might get tangled up or trapped inside.

This year I decided to build some bird scares from aluminium foil attached to bamboo sticks. I wrapped one end of the foil around the stick and tightened it up with some string.
Then I cut the fluttering end of the foil into strips to give it more action in the wind and placed the stick strategically around my strawberry and blueberry bushes.

I must admit, it looks pretty scary. Like long fingers trying to reach out to unaware birds.
It also make a nice disturbing knistering sound. If I were a bird, I wouldn’t go anywhere near it :-)

So far I haven’t had anymore birds stealing my strawberries. This might be a good solution.
Super easy and cheap to install with the additional benefit that your property looks like a witch house.

Protecting my strawberries:
Strawberry bird scare

Protecting my Blueberries:Blueberry bird scare

Bird scares have been in use since the beginning of time and proven to keep pesky birds at bay. They probably won’t give you 100% protection and you might have to rearrange or change the look of your scare every few weeks.

But so far it seems to work for me. Fingers crossed.

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One Comment

  1. Hyeshin Park says:

    They make the scary sound like ching ching ching~~. Birds are gone to long long away.

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