Growing an edible garden

   Nov 10

Growing beetroots in containers

My beetroots are doing really great in a 10 gallon (~30 liter) container.

I used some potting soil mixed with bokashi and planted the seedling nicely spaced into it.
The seedlings were started in a seed tray and I transplanted them shortly after they developed the first true leaves.

Beetroot don’t particularly seem to like transplanting and they always get a bit of a shock at first for a few days.
But once they get used to the new environment and the roots take hold, they start to look happy again and grow quite vigorously.

Every now and then I gave them an extra fertilizer boost with liquid blood and bone.
And that really seemed to increase the growth rate.

beetroot growing in small container

The leaves look very nice and green and are delicious in a salad.

beetroot spacing in container

This variety of beetroot is called red globe. And it looks very nice and tasty at this stage.
I’m going to harvest the biggest ones soon and roast them together with some potato wedges. Yummy!

red globe beetroot


Beetroots make a great vegetable to grow in a container garden, even on a balcony or in small spaces with partial shade.

The whole plant can be used.

The leaves are very tasty and make great salads or stir fries.
The roots can be grated and then mixed with some sugar, salt, pepper, vinegar and olive oil for a super healthy and delicious fresh salad.
They also taste fantastic when coated with olive oil, salt pepper and then roasted until soft.
Their dark red color really intensifies when roasted and they look and taste just stunning this way.
Especially when dipped into a freshly prepared sauce made from either greek yoghurt or mayonnaise mixed with fresh chopped garden herbs and a bit of lemon juice.

I think I have to go now and harvest some. Just writing about it made my mouth water…

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