Growing an edible garden

   Nov 03

Kohlrabi in container with bokashi mix

I love kohlrabi. They are probably my favorite vegetable from the brassica family.
Especially eaten raw. I just peeled and eaten like an apple. Yummy stuff.

I have good success growing kohlrabi in containers.
This time I used a 40 liter container filled with old potting mix that I refreshed with bokashi.

It’s also getting warm and we’re heading into summer. So I placed the container in partial shade and so far the Kohlrabi are doing pretty well.
I started them from seed and they are about 4 weeks, since putting the seed in the ground.

The main problem with any brassicas at this time of the year are pests. I’m in battle with aphids, whiteflies, leaf miners and cabbage loopers.
My weapon of choice is a weekly spray of neem oil mixed with some dr. bronner mint soap. I also mixed some neem granules into the soil prior to planting.

This seems to keep the pests under control on these kohlrabi plants.

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