Growing an edible garden

   Nov 01

Lemon thyme herbal tea

One of my favorite garden herbs is lemon thyme.
It grows prolific, looks beautiful, attracts beneficial insects and smells just beautiful.

I use it a great deal when preparing fish and chicken. But recently I discovered, that it also makes a fantastic herbal infusion.
Steeping a few sprigs in boiling water for 5 minutes brings out the amazing lemony flavor.

Not only is the tea delicious but also has many health benefits.

  • anti aging
  • boosts immune system
  • helps with digestion
  • eases cold and flu symptoms, especially coughs and bronchitis


Thyme has a long culinary history and has already been used by the ancient egyptians and greeks.
It has later been spread all over europe and was believed to increase courage and also improve sleep by preventing nightmares.

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