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   Oct 26

Lot’s of cherry tomatoes – Sweet 100

This year I seem to be getting a huge crop of cherry tomatoes.

Last year I bought a few sweet 100 plants for a garden center and planted them in different spots throughout my garden. They performed very well and I had a great harvest. Shortly after the end of the season I noticed little seedlings growing all over the place. I dug them out, planted them into little pots and placed them in a mini greenhouse during the colder months. I live in a temperate subtropical climate and we didn’t have any frost this year. So they grew slow but steady in their little pots during winter and I planted them back outdoors in very early spring.

It’s now mid spring and they have already grown very tall with lots of flowers and the first tomatoes developing.
This truss in the photos has more flowers on it then I’ve ever seen on a single truss.

Sweet 100 Tomato

Thats what they looked like when they came up in the garden by themselves.

Sweet 100 Seedling

I still find new ones popping up here and there.

Sweet 100 Seedling

The sweet 100 variety is actually a hybrid. So I’m not exactly sure what I’m getting now in the second generation. But they sure grow like crazy and it seems I’ll have a very early and tasty crop. Can’t wait to give them a taste test.

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  1. Hyeshin Park says:

    Maybe getting some Tomtatoes.

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