Growing an edible garden

   Oct 30

Pineapple Sage herbal tea

Preparing fresh tea from homegrown herbs brings great joy and a taste sensation you wont get from store bought dried herbs.

A fantastic herb for this purpose is pineapple sage. It’s grows very easy in containers and produces lots of leaves and attractive red flowers.
It’s native to Mexico and grows as perennial. It has an unbelievably pronounced pineapple scent, which makes it great for herbal infusions.

Just pick a nice lush green top of one of the stalks…



and pour over some boiling water, let it steep for 10 minutes ….


and enjoy a great tasting cup of fruity herbal tea.

Pineapple Sage is traditionally used in Mexican medicine, especially for the treatment of anxiety, and also for lowering of blood pressureĀ and is believed to have antidepressant properties.



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One Comment

  1. Hyeshin Park says:

    Sounds very nice for a pot of relaxing herb tea picked from the garden

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