Growing an edible garden

   Nov 03

Can you grow kuri squash in containers?

This year I’m trying to grow pumpkins vertically in containers. I choose red kuri squash, because I think they are the tastiest pumpkins around.
My preferred way of eating them is to cut them up, then toss them in olive oil, pepper and salt and roast them.

Pumpkin and squash normally require lots of space. Unfortunately I don’t have much space. I grow everything in my backyard and around my house.
The only way to grow more food is to grow vertically. Also I don’t have too much in ground space to grow vegetables.
I live in a rental property and must make use of what little space I have. That’s why I grow most of my food in containers.

The container I choose for the red kuri pumpkin is half of a 200 Liter (55 gallon) drum. These are pretty cheap to buy used.
It only costs me $10 to buy a drum. Then I cut them in half and put some drainage pipe into the bottom to make a super cheap self-watering container.


As a trellis I use a cheap roll of wire fence from the hardware store. It’s plastic coated and works great as trellis. It’s supported by three 2 meter long ¬†bamboo sticks.
I decided to plant two pumpkins into this 100 Liter container. Even though I used new potting mix, I suspect I’ll need to fertilize them quite a bit.
Fortunately the nutrients wont leech away much, because the water reservoir of the self-watering container will prevent that and allow the pants to use everything.

I really hope the trellis will be enough to support two plants. They might grow out of proportion in no time.

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