Growing an edible garden

   Nov 10

Wild rocket – best rocket to grow

Wild rocket has gotta be the best rocket one can possibly grow.

It ticks all the boxes:

  • its a perennial – rocket supply all year round
  • its called “wild rocket” – that’s possibly the coolest name for a vegetable
  • it is very hardy
  • it tastes so much better then standard annual rocket.
  • it produces nice edible yellow flowers that also attract beneficial insects
  • it grows in shade
  • its great for containers, vertical planters and wall planters
  • it can be used to enhance pretty much any dish and it’s great on sandwiches

It certainly is one of my all time garden favorites. I even planted it kinda vertically in a 40 liter grow bag.
I made a couple of holes in the side and planted a few plants around the sides and another few on top.
That way I could fit 10 plants in a very small spot. And I pretty much harvest and eat a handful every day.

Wild Rocket in Grow bag

Up close – the leaves are thinner than standard rocket and much more aromatic and spicy.

Tasty wild rocket leaves

The only problem is that leaf miners love rocket. Once it gets a bit warmer in spring I usually loose quite a few leaves to the leaf miners.
Nasty little bullies – eating leaves from the inside is just not fair.

But you’d get that pest problem with the standard rocket as well.
Fortunately the plants produce enough leaves for the leaf miners and us. So it’s a bit of a pain, but I can live with it.

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